Liberated EllipseLiberated Ellipse

The term liberated company, popularized by the book Freedom, Inc. by Brian M. Carney and Isaac Getz, refers to an organisation which unleashes employees' initiative and responsibility by treating them as mature professionals.

The notion of liberated or "freedom-form" (F-Form) company was further formalized by Isaac Getz in his 2009 academic article "Liberating Leadership: How the initiative-freeing radical organisational has been successfully adopted" in California Management Review, in which he describes it as “an organisational form that allows employees complete freedom and responsibility to take actions they decide are best".

At AION Consulting, we are particularly inspired by the studies on Liberated ways of working. We strongly believe that the traditional consulting model, built upon bureaucracy and top-down communication is no longer fit for today's world - one of complex problems and ever-changing needs.

We believe in decentralized management in which responsibilities and decision-making powers are distributed throughout self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a classic management hierarchy. That is why we have created our SLIM Model​..


Our Slim Model

After many years of extensive study, AION Consulting was born in 2018 based on its innovative SLIM model, which stands for Share, Learn, Improve, Meet.


At AION Consulting, everyone has an equal say in the decisions that shape our future. Our board is open to all team members, and we collaborate to make strategic decisions together, ensuring that both responsibility and profits are shared amongst us.


To guarantee a continuous learning experience for our consultants, we offer comprehensive training and mentoring programs. Additionally, we distribute our budget evenly to all team members.


At AION Consulting, we value leaders who are open to change and willing to offer innovative initiatives. As part of this commitment, each team member is allocated a budget for introducing new projects that will positively impact our company's growth.


As consultants, we understand the importance of having a strong personal and professional network. To that end, our team is granted exclusive access to an array of conferences, business events and clubs - providing unique networking opportunities for all involved.

Client Testimonials


Working with a Liberated Company to revamp our client onboarding process was a transformative experience for our bank. Their profound knowledge of IT tools and innovative digital solutions paved the way for a seamless transition to a digital-first approach. This collaboration has not only modernised our onboarding process but also set a new benchmark for operational excellence in the banking sector.


Partnering with AION Consulting for our ISO 9001:2015 certification audit was a transformative experience. Their adherence to the standard, coupled with their innovative Design Thinking approaches, made the entire process seamless. What stood out for us was the direct interaction we had with the consultants who were hands-on in both executing the mission and discussing contract details.


Transforming our governance with AION Consulting was a key milestone for our organisation. Their expertise in stakeholder management, particularly in the energy sector, combined with practical methodologies, made the process impactful. This collaboration led to enhanced efficiency and stakeholder satisfaction, setting a new standard for governance in our industry.


The expertise of AION Consulting in implementing updated processes within our fastpaced tech environment was exceptional. Their innovative approach, blending Lean methodologies with Agile, facilitated a transformation that was both efficient and user-centric. This unique model accelerated our journey towards quality excellence, embedding continuous improvement into our DNA.